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Frit96: Fine 1 oz

Frit96: Fine 1 oz

Crushed glass frit is made from glass recycled from the production of fusible sheet glass. Fine and powder grades are magnetically cleaned of metal residues, and all grades are fuse tested to Oceanside 96 coe fusing standard after crushing and sizing.

96 coe frit is made in 5 sizes. The standard sizes are:

  • F1 Powder  (.13mm to .25mm)
  • F2 Fine       (.25mm to .75mm)
  • F3 Medium (.75mm to 2.5mm)
  • F5 Coarse   (2.5mm to 7.6mm)
  • F7 Mosaic   (7.6mm to 15mm)


OGT Frit images were provided by the manufacturer. Images are of raw material and may fire to a different color. Final color is also affected by the frit size and thickness of the frit application. 

Typical uses of the powder range from pate de verre to shading on fused or blown forms. Mixtures of larger sizes such as mosaic with dark colors in fine or powder provide particularly dramatic effects. Frits can also be cast into molds for fun and dramatic 3 dimensional effects.

In general, larger sizes of frit tend to fill cavities with less bubble entrapment, while smaller sizes blend colors with smoother transitions.

NOTE: This item is manufactured by Oceanside Glass & Tile. Made in Mexico.

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