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Large Friendship Ball - Christmas Ornament

Large Friendship Ball - Christmas Ornament

Hand blown and poured glass crafted as a "Friendship Ball - Christmas Ornament". Available in clear blue and blue color mix. These ornaments & light catchers are also known as friendship balls. Each piece is blown by hand, using molten furnace glass at temperatures over 2000 degrees.


With each unique handmade ornament, Under The Sun wishes you many years of happiness.


Clear Blue Ball Weights 7lbs

Blue Color Mix Ball Weights 3lbs

Pink Color Mix Ball Weights 3lbs

Red & White Ball Weights 2 lbs

Clear Pink Ball Weights 3lbs

Red Clear Ball Weights 3lbs

Deep Blue Ball Weights 3lbs


    Glass & Product Sales: Due to the nature of glass, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If there ever is a problem with any purchased glass product(s), we will do our utmost to fix the issue for you. For all other products, if within 14 days and in original unopened packaging with the receipt, an instore credit will be applied or set up to your next purchase (studio account).


    If you are unable to come into the studio to pick up your artwork, we will calculate the shipping after the sale. All shipping will be unique based on the size of the shipment and the location it is being shipped. We will do our best to keep shipping charges minimal by calculating costs with multiple shipping companies.

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