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Sunflower Mandela

Sunflower Mandela

Add a touch of natural charm to any space with our handmade Sunflower Mandela stained glass sun catcher. This stunning piece is meticulously crafted with vibrant yellow stained glass, forming an intricate sunflower design that captures the warmth and beauty of the sun. Whether hung in a window or displayed on a stand, this sun catcher will fill the room with radiant color and light. It makes for a delightful gift for anyone who appreciates the artistry of stained glass or simply loves the cheerful presence of sunflowers. Each piece is made with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring a truly unique and eye-catching addition to any home or office décor.


Product Dimensions: 11.5" in diameter


    Glass & Product Sales: Due to the nature of glass, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If there ever is a problem with any purchased glass product(s), we will do our utmost to fix the issue for you. For all other products, if within 14 days and in original unopened packaging with the receipt, an instore credit will be applied or set up to your next purchase (studio account).


    If you are unable to come into the studio to pick up your artwork, we will calculate the shipping after the sale. All shipping will be unique based on the size of the shipment and the location it is being shipped. We will do our best to keep shipping charges minimal by calculating costs with multiple shipping companies.

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