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Experience glass in a whole new way


 We strive to instill creativity and teach form and function to all glass enthusiasts, artists and guests...
We foster a studio environment that grows and enriches the creativity of others through actively engaging patrons to learn new skills, have access to renting studio time and/or to shop regularly with us for gift giving needs, glass supply needs, educational needs, or have access to skilled individuals that can support large scale architectural glass design and manufacturing.


Our goal is to launch and sustain a vibrant glass art studio that is well equipped with prime visibility and positioned in the community so that it can strategically accomplish the following goals on a weekly, monthly and annual basis:

- To engage, educate, and inspire all people regardless of race, age, culture, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or socioeconomic status. 

 - To enrich the community and other glass artisans with stimulating artistic and cultural development in working, designing, and manufacturing glass elements.

- To take an active role in the community, serving as a voice in glass art education, innovation, and inspiration. 

- To foster an open and welcoming space for people to gather and experience glass art in all its forms.


This vision is accomplished by: 

 - Designing and manufacturing stained glass and warm/hot glass art productions for commission.

 - Provide in-store shopping and an online store experience.

 - Provide education in various glass art levels both accredited and non-accredited supporting youth and adult  learning interests in glass art.

 - Acting as the local glass supplier/distributor for purchasable raw glass materials/supplies. Raw glass supplies are needed for supporting outputs of education for students and other glass artisans or hobbyists in the area.

 - Showcasing a gallery style setting of glass work produced on site providing a unique in store gallery shopping experience.

 - Providing customer memberships where studio space and equipment will be available by purchasing rental memberships so hobbyists and glass enthusiasts have access to using the tools, equipment, and work in a space well suited to support creating works of art in the medium of glass.


Something for Everyone!



Beginner (12 -16 yrs old)

Youth can get their hands busy with a fun and interactive stained glass class. All students will get an introduction to the basic techniques of stained glass and leave the class with a stained glass piece from a pattern of their choosing. This is a great way to discover new creative abilities and gain a fun new hobby at the same time!


Beginner- Intermediate

Have you ever wanted to learn the timeless art of stained glass? Well now you can! In this class you will learn the basic principles of stained glass manufacturing and create your own unique masterpiece from scratch. We have thousands of free patterns to choose from, so everyone will get to create an artwork that is meaningful to them!


Beads to Figurines

This course expands the boundaries of glass art as students become introduced to creating glass art through working with a torch. Discover the world of possibilities when manipulating glass using an open flame that ranges from 2000 - 2400 degrees! We begin this class by creating glass marbles and beads and move into sculptural work. 


Fused & Kiln Formation

This class welcomes you to the world of warm to hot glass manipulations. Students will be introduced to all things encompassed in kiln formation including using glass frit, stringers, vitrigraph and more!


Slumping & Draping

This class advances you beyond the basics and expands your knowledge and abilities in creating one of a kind pieces in glass casting, fusion, kiln operation and glass manipulation through use of a kiln.



Artist / Teacher / Proprietor

Chandell Popik is Alberta born and raised in a small farming community, the skill and inspired creativity of stained glass was passed on by my late Grandmother, and that is where it all started. The craftsmanship in glass expertise has grown from a hobbyist as a youth to a part-time home based studio business that has been growing and expanding steadily over many years. Formal registration and sole proprietorship of the Under the Sun Glass Studio was filed on July 28, 2016 and in March 2019 the company became incorporated. It has been my long-term goal and passion to incorporate the business and establish a commercial studio space that is a hub of vibrant and creative energy. With a large numbers of high-school students interested in learning to work with glass, work is underway with Alberta Education and the Black–Gold School Division to offer Locally Developed Courses (LDC’s) in Glass-Smithing/ Glass Art. The requirements to expand and take the essential next steps in securing lease space, in conjunction with building and expanding revenue activities along with business operations in a commercial studio space are increasingly essential to achieve the business goals and objectives.
A strong presence in education and knowledge sharing, will embrace the growth of the studio. as my expertise will shifting from a 27 year career as an educator and provider of health care services to one solely in the direction of glass art education and manufacturing. 
Service above self has been a pillar of my integral being having received the Duke of Edinburg award as a youth to being recognized as Rotarian of the Year in my adult life for my humanities work in education and medicine. With that, I do anticipate that the studio will become a caveat to help mentor youth and inspire them to grow and succeed in more areas than that just glass art.
I myself studied glass blowing at the Sculoa del Vetro Abate Zanetti Glass Academy in Murano Italy and continue to receive mentorship from great glass masters that have learned from generations passed down to them dating back as far as 1100’s. Additionally, I am a member with both the Canadian and USA Glass Art Society’s, and locally, I serve as Chair for the NPO Leduc Arts Foundry, volunteering my time and expertise to work with the City of Leduc , County of Leduc and other stakeholders in growing and advancing arts and culture in our community.
My glass art is currently with many fine art collators as far away as Australia, Italy, New York and throughout many provinces in Canada.

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#108- 4915 50th Ave, Leduc, AB